Pascaline Dargant

Pascaline Dargant is born in Geneva in 1973 (half french/swiss).

She works and lives in Paris : Fashion, portraits, architectural, sculpture and design photography she also works regularly in high jewelry for Cartier and another french top end luxury brand. House photographer for Studio de Crécy . 

2014 Co-founder of "The Heidies" with Caroline Denervaud

The Heidies are represented by  Tappan, Los Angeles.

"The bright and shiny red of the Pigalle walls, the intense black and white
bodies in love, the frank colors of nature offered.
Pascaline Dargant walks through genres with grace and daring, she explores without filter and without restraint bodies and skin, nature and women, variations and light.
The stories she tells, strong and singular, touch on the absurd, on humor, but also on dreamlike and sensuality. Her lively and carnal images would almost suffice to reveal their author. Almost, because a veil of mystery keeps the secret of the one who created them.
To probe her soul and discover it without detour, venture into the world of her collages, which are as funny as they are relevant and graphic.
In order to advance further in her photographic research, Pascaline works with her accomplice Caroline Denervaud under the name of the Heidies. They engage together in a rich and unique creation space, where colors and shapes, movement and matter dance in harmony.
Captivating images to consume endlessly".

Lou Sarda for Revue Marcelle

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