"The shackle unfolds, loosens, creases, bends, breaks. The figure is released. Often naked. Free from the cloth or paper that wrapped it. It is this sometimes docile and sometimes severe material that offers sensuality. Nudity is other than carnal. She is unvarnished, having nothing to hide. She is truth, nature, simplicity. Frozen, kneeling, pressed against the wall or stretched on the floor, she is seen without showing off. It exists like everything around it, neither more nor less, with perfect equality.

Once free of its package and free of its ropes, reveals a secret, an entity, a soul. Like a present, pure generosity. Like the petals of the flower that deviate, ready to receive. Proud and available.
In this photographic setting, crystallize fragility and refinement. The model takes on the appearance of a jewel. The skin seems enamelled, the eyes gleam of preciousness. No artifice, the gem retains its raw state.

Wild splendor.

Chloé Chambelland

Pascaline Dargant is born in Geneva in 1973 (half french/swiss).

She works and lives in Paris.

2014 Co-founder of "The Heidies"

Pascaline and The Heidies are represented by Artis Magna and  Tappan, Los Angeles.



CARTIER: collaboration initiated in 2014 for regular photos of Cartier high jewelry displays

FRENCH TOP END LUXURY BRAND: boutique architecture and high jewelry displays

COSMYDOR: (a revival French luxury organic cosmetics brand) website and communication


DE CRECY STUDIO's photographer since 2012; photos of its new objects, window displays, shop/space installations and wall covering, website, magazine and press

FLEUR DE GALARD, luxury furniture designer, portraits, website and press

DE MAARSE PARIS jewelry, website and press


BPI France: Portraits of 320 bankers

The corporate teams of EPSILON RESEARCH and CONFERENSUM 



THE EYROLLES EDITIONS 200 photos for the book “Le Grand Livre de mon Enfant” published in May 2016


Laureate of the competition “Rebondir”, Galerie Immix Paris

Collective exhibition “Changer de peau”, Centre Jean Verdier Paris

Finalist of the competition “En l’air” `Galerie Christiane Peugeot, Paris 

Solo Exhibition, Photos & collages, Galerie Athénée 4 Geneva 

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